Live Auctions

Auctions provide people with the opportunity to buy quality products at competitive prices. Auctions can be a most advantageous type of sale for both buyers and sellers. They have become the first choice for many people throughout the country, especially when complete and quick liquidation is in order.

How can JKern help me with my auction needs?

From setup and marketing to auction day excitement, JKern handles all of your auction needs. With many years of experience in organizing estate sales and auctions, Julia is highly trained and works diligently to help you realize the highest possible prices for your items. We control the transactions in a professional manner and help you through the process from start to finish!

Can you tell me more about charity auctions?

We have provided services to charity auctions and estate sales in Bonner County and the greater Sandpoint area including Bonner County Homeless Transitions and Sandpoint Area Seniors, Inc. As with all of our auctions, we’ll help your organization from beginning to end. We will share our wealth of experience to organize a highly profitable fundraising event for you!

Interested in holding your own?

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