Estate Sales

An estate sale is quite simply an organized sale involving personal collections and/or possessions associated with a life change, including departure, divorce or downsizing. An estate sale’s main objective is the orderly liquidation of personal property in a relatively short period of time for the highest proceeds possible.

Why hire a professional?

Estate sales require a great deal of work to set up and execute properly… far more than many people realize! Many people find the emotional stress of selling the possessions of a parent or loved one to be greater than they can handle.

Placing value on something can be tricky. Emotional attachments can hamper accurate valuation and pricing of items. On the other hand, many people do not realize the amount of value in small everyday items. Julia and her staff have years of experience dealing with antiques and home goods, and knows what your items are worth in today’s market to get the most for them.

Staging of the sale is important. We will clean, organize and transform your home into an impressive store front to maximize the perceived value of your goods and realize the greatest possible profit for you.

All of our estate sales are heavily promoted through our website, email list, social media and area specific classified newspaper advertisements. All sales are well organized, and our sizable online customer base means your event should be very well attended.

One final (and often overlooked) benefit: if your home is for sale or getting ready to go on the market, estate sales can bring hundreds of people through your home over any given weekend. The exposure from our estate sales has helped many a property sell this way over the years!

How can JKern help me with my estate sale needs?

JKern Auction Group, in cooperation with Gypsy Girl Estate Sales, can help you from start to finish with your estate planning in Bonner County. Whether you have a few valued treasures or a whole household to liquidate, we assist in finding new homes for your personal property. We’ll organize, clean, price and display your items. With our extensive knowledge of the industry, we help sort trash from treasure and ensure you will get the most out of your sale.

During the day(s) of the sale, our staff runs the entire event. We document each transaction and accept cash and major credit cards. After the sale, we can see to the removal of the unsold items from your property and leave it “broom clean.” Settlement is within 5 business days of the last day of the sale.

Interested in holding your own?

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