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Picker’s Sale Today

Good morning. There is so much still left to pick through at the Priest River Sale.  If you thought you missed out…you haven’t. Get up and get over to:

557 Ropp Road

Priest River, ID

(Take Hwy 57 North 8 miles to Bear Paw.  The Falls Inn is on the corner. Turn left and head approximately 4 miles to Ropp Road.  Follow the signs.)


We have a ton of great stuff left. Cash or credit. Bring your gloves, tie downs and smiling faces! It’s a great day for picking!!

See you there!

Estate Sales

Priest River Pickers Sale Address Announced

Good evening one and all!  Get some shut eye…this one is going to be fun.  Pack a lunch or snack, water, gloves, tie downs, bug spray, basic tools, rope, paper, friends and family for free labor, and your smiling faces!!

See you tomorrow at:

9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

August 11 and 12

Thursday – Friday

557 Ropp Road

(Take Hwy 57 North 8 miles to Bear Paw. The Falls Inn is on the corner. Follow Bear Paw to Ropp Road. Turn Left on Ropp and go down to the signs. Property is on the right.)

We will see you there!

Estate Sales

Save the Date Beautiful Mountain Side Sale Coming Soon

Large Home Over Looking the River outside of Dover

August 18-20

Thursday – Saturday

9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Address tba day before sale

This one is a beauty! Clean and crisp. This family had a absolutely beautiful home on the hill over looking the river just outside of Dover and the contents are fabulous. (Pictures will be up soon.)

Unique finds, vintage and current. Antiques and vintage furniture, huge art collection, collectibles, china, new 22 rifle in box never used, Le Creuset cookware, cast iron bedding, 2 sleep number king mattress and box springs, silver, massive book collection, men’s and women’s clothing, wool rugs in multiple sizes, several desks, wood chipper, snow blower, wine collection, huge wine refrigerator, tools, patio furniture, Kabodo Egg Style barbecue in its own cooking station, formal dining table, large wooden kitchen island, pot rack, and so much more.  This place is just packed with items. I will post more as we go through all the goodies.

Mark your calendar for this fabulous sale and stay tuned for details.

Estate Sales

Our Priest River Pickers Sale Starts This Thursday

The Priest River Pickers Sale starts Thursday at 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. and runs through Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pictures are to the left of this posting under events and in red.

You won’t want to miss this one…as usual we always bring you the coolest sales and the fun to go with them!

This home is chock full of finds.  We have not even dug in and tried to find all the stuff that is available.  There is just not enough time and we are here to get this one done and cleared out.  You won’t want to miss the vintage pin ball machine, 1 cent slot machine or the pool table.

Grab a friend, family member or both, your boots and gloves, a flash light, bags, blankets and tie downs and get up to Priest River for a fun day of picking!!

We will post the address Wednesday evening.  I will tell you it is 8 miles north of Priest River and turn left at Bear Paw (The Falls Inn Restaurant is on the corner) off of Hwy 57.  We are located about 8 minutes from the highway.  Follow the signs…its an easy find.

Again our credit card machine will not be working out there.  We do not have internet at this location. We can still take your cards, but will need to run them by hand each evening and will be asking for all your information to do so. We cannot take American Express when we do manual card inputs. We apologize for the inconvenience.

This one is a fun one.  There is a lot of stuff and a lot to dig through.  A few items will be tagged with a price but 99.9% is pickers style.

Pick, pile and we will price you a deal!

See you there. Come and get your Gypsy on!

Estate Sales

Pickers Sale in Priest River

Back by popular demand…and necessity of time…


Pickers Sale in Priest River!!

Two Days…

Thursday and Friday

August 11 and 12

9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


(Address TBA. This is located 8 miles north of Priest River…again, but this time off of Bear Paw. Turn left at The Falls Inn Restaurant and follow the signs)


Get up and grab that cup of coffee or energy drink, eat your Wheaties or power breakfast because you are going to need it.  We have a large home, shop and outside area for you to dig through and discover your treasures and finds. 


You may need a flashlight for the shop area.  Bring your bags, boxes or totes,  tie downs, blankets for packing home furniture and friends or family. We will have paper for wrapping delicates.  Don’t forget WATER and snacks. It could be a long day picking!


Only a few items will be priced, but all the rest will be picking possibilities!  If you came to our last one and had so much fun or if you missed it, don’t miss this one!  


I’m going out to the property on August 8, to take pictures and get a few items listed to wet your appetite.  I can tell you that the items with a tag and posted price will be:


Vintage Slot Machine

Vintage Pinball Machine

Billards Table

Vintage Pachinko Machine

Leather Lodge Style Sofas

Snow Mobiles


The rest is all up for picking and we will price your pile for you when you are done.  Last picking sale people stayed and picked all day and some picked and came back multiple times! You will not be disappointed with this one. 


I’ll post pictures of some of the items Tuesday, August 9. Check back for updates. I plan on making a list of just items I can see without digging just to give you an idea what is there. I will post those on the 9th also.


See you soon. Come and get your gypsy on!