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Thursdays Pickers Sale

See you this coming Thursday…

5690 Elmira Road

Off Highway 95, North of Sandpoint 

Did you ever dream of being on American Pickers? Do you think you have what it takes to pick like a professional? Get hands on experience and come try it out before you quit your day job.

It’s a first. Gypsy Girl Estate Sales is having a:


Thursday, June 30

9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


This is a off grid property with several out buildings and an older two story cabin.  We are going to open it up and you can hunt and pick to your hearts content.  Make you pile or piles and we will be there to give you a  price and negotiate a deal.  The place is being sold and the items need to leave.  There is a ton of stuff. Vintage, new, collectibles, tools, prepping items, antiques, just a ton of stuff.

Please wear sturdy shoes, bring your own help to get it out of the buildings and tie downs and blankets.  We will only have a small staff on hand to handle the cashier table, answer questions and make deals!

It’s going to be fun and a little crazy! Just another day at the office…Gypsy Girl style!


2 thoughts on “Thursdays Pickers Sale
  1. very confusing website pulling up pics is nearly
    impossible. site needs some work. looking forward to future sales

    1. You haven’t been able to pull up pictures because there aren’t any yet. It is posted that the pictures wont be up until the 7th or 8th. All the merchandise gets unloaded into the fairgrounds buildings on those two days. Normally our pictures are able to be seen by clicking on the left side of the page on the SEE PHOTOS that is in red. I do have some of the antiques getting posted sooner, but other items will be at the end of next week. This is a massive auction. It will not disappoint and there will be absolutely wonderful items.

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