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The Grand Daddy of Pickers Sales is a Coming!!

Save the Date!!


The grand daddy of pickers sales is coming…

September 22, 23, 24


Priest River, 5 minutes from the Ace Hardware



We are heading to Priest River tomorrow to start the set up for the biggest picker sale ever! You will not want to miss this grand daddy, so be sure to put it on your calendar!

You will want to wear closed toe shoes, bring bags and/or a wagon to help get your picks to your pile, friends or family to help, tie downs or rope, the vehicle and trailer you will want to carry all this home and more importantly…your sense on adventure and fun attitude! There are 6 buildings full of fabulous finds and must haves!

You say don’t know what a picker sale is? Haven’t ever watched an episode of American Pickers? Well, your’e in for a real treat! Here’s the skinny…you pick, you pile, we price, you pay! So much fun and so much stuff it’s going to take three days to go through it all.

I will start taking pictures tomorrow to get you in the mood and wet your appetite. As always we do not take pictures of everything and in this case treasure is most probably buried beneath other treasure. We will have some things tagged with a price, but 95% of this is strictly a pickers sale.

So, we will be back with updates and pictures. Save your coffee money for this sale, dig up that coffee can or break that piggy bank and make sure you come all three days!



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