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Save the date…another estate sale coming soon!

Wow, we’ve had a busy season of estate sales and there is no end in sight for about three months!

Gypsy Girl Estate Sales has another one set for next ThursdaySaturday, 9 am to 3 pm.  July 30, 31 and August 1.  This  one is out in the Selle Valley and is chock full of all kinds of finds. The owner has cleaned out part of the house and let us into the barn full of all kinds of goodies! Just  to wet your whistle…baseball card collection, vintage items, enamel ware collection, vintage and antiques that are great as is or a fabulous find for a DIY project. Bear collections, yard and garden, refrigerator, lawn mower, patio table, canning supplies, furniture, tools, etc.

We will post pictures and address Tuesday and we hope to see you there bright and early Thursday morning. We have a port-a potty on site, a hand washing station and free water available for those who are thirsty. Hope to see you all there…come and get your Gypsy on!

2 thoughts on “Save the date…another estate sale coming soon!
  1. Hi, I believe we receive all of your emails however I dont see pics or addy for Thursdays sale in the Selle Valley. Please advise.

    1. I put pictures up on the first or second announcement of a sale. To see them just click previous posts at the bottom of the post you are reading. Them scroll to see the pictures. I hope that helps. I’m doing my own website and trying my best. It’s harder than one might think!

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