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Hello New Year!!

Hello to all my favorite auction junkies and crazy gypsies!! It’s a new year and I have new and exciting things for you.

We are starting to fill up our calendar with lots of exciting auctions and sales coming up.  I will give you a few dates in the post so that you can block them out on your calendar.  But, before I do I want to tell you about some new things that will be happening at our sales and auctions.


Many of you know we had a house fire back in March of 2021.  We are desperate for space to hold our belongings, for a short time, that were not lost in that fire, in order for us to move forward in the rebuild. So, I have come up with an exciting way to spice up your winter and free up my shop for a short term space for my own personal use.

Hence, the Flash Sale!!!!!

Thursday, Feb. 10- Saturday Feb. 12

478165 Highway 95


How this is going to work is:

Everything will be inside the shop and marked.  All sales between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. each day will be the asking price.

From 1:01 p.m. to 3 p.m. all items not sold yet will be HALF PRICE.

The sale will close exactly at 3 p.m.  Those shopping will be notified 15 minutes prior to closing  in order to ring up their items.

This next part is important:


This is important too:

ON SATURDAY at 3:00 we will bring out all the items that were passed on the previous days and all those items will now be 75% off their original price!!

You will not want to miss this.  No other estate sale company has ever done anything like this and we are hoping to make this an annual event.

So, to recap; come each day.  Shop for the items you must have in the morning. Come back at 1 p.m to see what you need at half price.  Do this each day for three days as ALL NEW MERCHANDISE WILL BE OUT EACH DAY. Come back at 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday and score big time!!



We are excited to implement this exciting plan.  So many of you over the years have referred us to your friends and family. Because of this wonderful act we have been able to keep our cost of advertising for sales down to a minimum.  Word of mouth has done the job!

We feel like those who are doing this should receive something for their kindness.  I always ask a potential client how they heard about us.  If you choose to share our company with a friend or family member and they book and complete a sale you will receive $250 in what we are calling Auction Bucks or Estate Sale Bucks. Once the auction or estate sale has been paid out to the client we will then hold your name on file with $250 for you to spend at further auctions or estate sales.  All referred sales must have been completed and finalized in order to have your auction bucks applied to your account.  All Auction Bucks or Estate Sale Bucks must be spent within one year of receiving them.



Last but not least, our company is going to team up and support three local non-profits in the Sandpoint/Bonner County area.  We will be donating 5% of our profits from our sales and auctions during the 2022 calendar year to the following:


Kinderhaven is very close and dear to my heart.  I am a lover of children.  Having had six children my own and eight grandchildren, four exchange students and multiple others that needed homes when  theirs was not a good place to be, during my life I have a soft spot for the kids who come through Kinderhaven.

In the past I have done four Community Assistance League (CAL) Kinderhaven Trees for the Festival of Trees.  Those trees raised near top dollar for Kinderhaven and People’s Choice for CAL. This event was always a highlight of the Christmas season and we all look forward to it coming back “in person”. The pandemic has affected the Festival of Trees the last two seasons making it take place virtual.  We would like to donate to this non-profit in order to help raise much needed funds not raised by the Festival of Trees.

Senior Center and Daybreak

I personally love the Senior Center in Sandpoint.  If you have not gone in there or have personally used the facility, you should make time to do so.  It is such a wonderful place for our aging population to have.  There are many activities and outings available for our seniors, as well as, delicious daily lunch served Monday-Thursday and breakfast of Fridays.

We personally use Daybreak, a memory care respite provider, to help us with my mother-in-law.  To her we call it “club” and she truly enjoys going and looks forward to her time with her friends.

Donations are important to this non-profit.  Donations help “fill in the gaps” that sometimes lag between grants and other funding.  We are happy to help.

Last but not least…..

Panhandle Special Needs (PSNI)

PSNI is very near and dear to my heart.  I am one of the lucky ones in life that was blessed with a child with Down Syndrome and Autism.  Caleb is now 30 years old and some of you may have seen him helping me at some of our events.  He is such a blessing to us and a delight to be around.  Next time you see him say hello…it will make your day!

Anyway, we are excited to donate to this wonderful non-profit that provides services to clients and their families with disabilities in Bonner County.  We are hoping to help donate towards a new facility for the wonderful organization.  The Cottage thrift store located next door to PSNI helps fund the non-profit, however, they have had an increase in rent and really could use a boost from our community.

Donation Jars

We will be having donation jars at all our events this year to help raise funds for these organizations.  No pressure will ever be put on any one to donate.  If you feel inclined to do so, we appreciate it.



Our next big adventures are in the works.  We have a client that is ready to have a sale and is just waiting for the COVID numbers in Bonner County to drop.  This is a really nice sale and you will all want to be part of it.  Stay tuned for updates of this possible March or April sale.

April or May is looking up for a one day auction.  We will have specifics on that as it moves forward in the process and the snow recedes!

Save this date…July 21,22,23 and 24

We have a fabulous auction coming for you in 2022!! This one will be located in the Selle Valley and will have it all!! If your planning your vacation plans now for this summer you will not want to be out of town for this one!! The whole “shibang” is up for sale.  Years of collecting, tools, sportsman equipment, household, shop and barn items,  antiques, guy stuff and gal stuff; everything under the sun will be available for purchase.  We will start putting the sale together in June so look forward to those pictures!! Advertising will start early. Please share this information with all your family and friends.Thursday, July 21 will be the preview and auction July 22-24.


I know this was a long post.  Thank you for letting me pour it all out in one post.  I like to keep things shorter, but so much has happened!  We look forward to seeing you at the FLASH SALE, February10-12.