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Apr 1 - Apr 6 @ 8:00 am


We are working hard to get this auction up and ready.  I will post the address Monday, the week of the auction!!



What a great auction it is turning out to be.  Fabulous, interesting and unique items are being discovered everyday.

Just a few house keeping items on this auction:

We will not be listing items for sale on a pdf as we usually do.  This is a one day auction.  The upper part of the property will be done first.  This will include the shop, the pole barn structure at the top of the property and the items surrounding those two buildings. The lower part of the property with some of the cabs, hoods, a combine, misc., drip line, etc. will be after that.

The shop will be broken up in two formats.  The tables in the middle will be a “your choice” format.  The highest bidder will get to pick as many of the items they would like at the price they bid per item. So, when you are the winning bidder you get to choose as many items you want from that table at your bid price per piece. I will then ask if anyone else wants any item from that table at that bid price. I will then auction the items again and the process will go like that for three bids. On the fourth go around I will sell everything left on the table as one lot to the highest bidder.

The items around the room are individual lots.  Please be aware that this is an absolute auction (sold at any price it will bring) and that it is an “as is where is” auction.  Once you are the winning bidder you are responsible for that item and will be responsible for the payment of that item. No guarantees of any kind are made.  We will have staff on hand to help move your items to a “holding area” for their safety when it is possible to do so, but ultimately your item once won is your responsibility.

Some of the pictures are up and we are working hard to get the April 16th auction together.  Just a reminder the address of the sale will be listed the week of the sale.  Parking attendants will be on hand to help facilitate the parking. Please listen to them as we are trying to put a lot of cars and trucks, some with trailers, up close to the actual auction.  This is a walking auction. Wear your boots, bring an umbrella and watch the weather reports.  Our food vendor will be on hand for the day.

If you decide to bid on that vintage/antique truck cab and you did not bring the appropriate vehicle to haul it away, no worries, we will set up a day the next week for you to return to pick it up.

I know many of you like to bring your fury family members, however, this is an auction with cars and rigs with trailers everywhere and lots of people walking around.  PLEASE LEAVE YOUR FURY FAMILY MEMBERS AT HOME or in the truck cab with your windows cracked.  I do not want any animal or person hurt. We at JKern Auction
Group have 8 fury family members of our own and would be devastated if your family member was hurt or killed at one of our sales.

Cash, credit or certified funds are accepted unless prior arrangements have been made. Keep checking back to the website, we will add pictures as we move along over the next couple of weeks.This is going to be fun!! It will be a beautiful day to attend this unique and exciting auction!


Apr 1 @ 8:00 am
Apr 6 @ 5:00 pm