Live Auctions

Auction Preview Tomorrow!

Tomorrow it preview day and we are so excited to see you all. It’s been a long time putting this auction together! The parking lot will be open at 9 a.m.. We have put a massive amount of items together and are so excited show it all to you.  Click on the photos to see the photos we have added. We have a PDF for you to download and print to see all the auction items and the order in which they will be auctioned.


Auction PDF Ap  Auction

PDF April Auction

Check out the pictures to the left of this post.  Since there are over 1700 lots available we have only posted a glimpse of what is available.

Parking will open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday beginning at 8:45.  Doors will open for viewing items at 9 a.m. and the auction will begin at 10 a.m. Please follow the attendants directions in order for us to get the most people up near the home as possible.  We do have the golf cart for use for those who need some assistance getting up to the auction.  Flag it down for a ride. The driver will be going up and down the road helping those who need assistance.

We are expecting to get through about 700 items each day.  Most items are in order of how they will be auctioned.  However, we will be splitting the guns up into two groups and will be auctioning them 14 at a time.  The first 14 will be on Saturday and the second 13 plus the sword will be on Sunday. Absentee bids will be accepted on Thursday for all three days. Friday you may only absentee on Saturday and Sunday’s items.  Saturday you may only absentee on Sunday’s items.  This is a huge auction and a clerking nightmare.  In order for all absentee bids to be accounted for on each item we must make the cutoffs for bidding absentee the day before.

We will have pop up tents and seating available on a first come first served basis.  You are welcome to bring your own of each and stake your claim!  Dress for Idaho weather, bring a blanket because you just never know around here!

On Saturday we will be under the big white tents.  Friday they are being used for merchandise.  Sunday we will be out in the barn and moving quickly through those lots.  Each area is packed and and fabulous finds are through out.

Parking is up at the home and along the road going into the neighborhood. The parking attendant will be helping everyone squeeze in.  We have a change and are no longer going to be able to park in the field next to the highway.  Please leave room for people to drive down the street by parking on one side or the other of the road.

Please leave your pets at home as we are expecting a huge crowd.  Also, children are welcome, but we ask you to keep them with you at all times.  This home is close to the water and next to the railroad tract.  Safety first!

Please be prepared to take your winning bids with you each day.  Large items can be left with arrangements for pick up no later than Monday, April 12.  Please talk to the cashier/registration desk attendants.

We look forward to seeing you at 232 Flat Water Lane, Sandpoint on Thursday for the preview and registration and again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the auction.

See you tomorrow!!